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---Like a fine wine, or a Great Single Malt Scotch...some things simply get better with time ! We feel that way when it comes to the history...and the "present" of "The Coney" ! Oh...and by the can ALWAYS get a fine wine or a great Single Malt Scotch when you visit The Coney. You can also ALWAYS count on GREAT FOOD and a GREAT TIME when visiting our history rich establishment ! WELCOME to our website ! We're Tim and Jayme, the owners...and if you've never been to The Coney before, please ask for us when you stop in...and just maybe...we'll throw down a Scotch with a sort of "WELCOME" !

--- There's a LOT of history behind these walls and behind our success. Here's just some of the history.....from the "then" the "now". The original Coney Island was opened in 1933 by Jimmy George, on the 800 block of Philadelphia Street, two doors down from Stewart's hardware which was owned by the parents of the legendary actor and Indiana Pa. born, Jimmy Stewart.

--- In 1965, as the business continued to grow, Coney Island moved to 11 Carpenter Avenue which still holds the back bar and the rear seating area. Thirty years later in 1995, growth and success enabled us to justify stretching out to meet Philadelphia Street. Through hard work and dedication, we had become a very well known and popular destination. We also had some serious "history" to keep sacred ! The Suttons and Wilsons (Founding Fathers of I.U.P. and the Kiski School) built the building that houses the "Old Coney" in 1853. When the building was first opened, it held Indiana's first dry goods store. The "Dubliner side" was built in 1880 (also by the The Suttons and Wilsons). Indiana hardware stood there until 1999 when The Coney was expanded once again. The expansion included a game room, dance area (The Dubliner Dance Hall), and a new dining experience to Indiana by way of "Snugs." "Upstairs" at The Coney, a 6000 sq. ft. facility was completed in November of 2003. It can accommodate over 200 guests in its spacious dining room and bar. There is also a stage, dance area and game room. It is a frequently requested venue for banquets, receptions, meetings and private parties.

---The original Coney Island, contrary to popular belief, is on the west coast of Ireland, guarding Sligo Bay. Today the popularity of Coney Island continues to grow, proving that it surely is the "Emerald Isle" of Indiana. Why is this ?? Simple. We are the PERFECT PLACE for EVERYONE !! We've worked hard to create an environment that will satisfy EVERYONE in this town...and everyone who visits !

--- What can you find when you visit The Coney ? Well......first will find a STAFF that is DEDICATED to preserving what we've built our business on. If we could sum it all up in one word, we'd use the word.... "CONSISTENCY" ! Our food is CONSISTENTLY good. Our service is CONSISTENTLY "CUSTOMER ORIENTED" and PRAISED. Our ability to provide our patrons of all ages and interests,with CONSISTENT quality entertainment, cuisine and consistently on track and adaptable to changing marketing trends. With that said...let's start with the food. If we're to believe what we're told on a regular basis... our food is GREAT ! Our menu has something for EVERYONE and every taste and every palate pleasing request ! The KIDS even LOVE our BRING THE FAMILY ! Dine inside or outside ! Whether it's our famous Wings, a Succulent Steak or Crab Cakes, you will notice CONSISTENCY ! What you order and enjoy, will be prepared the same way and will taste the same way the 2nd, 3rd and 50th time you visit. This is NO ACCIDENT ! keeps people coming back !

--- The Coney is a GO TO source for lunches...dinners...wettin' your whistle...and havin' a GREAT TIME ! You'll find businesswomen and businessmen here at Lunch time. You'll find corporate leaders having business Pow Wow's in one of our private meeting rooms. We provide the perfect atmosphere for your corporate or personal function. You will be CATERED to...and you will come back for more ! Business Meetings, Family reunions...High School and College reunions...Anniversary Party's...Birthday Party's.................whatever the function, we encourage you to find out why we are the GO TO source for these types of events ! Looking for FUN ?? We are always having specials and events.

--- We have a game room FULL of the latest and challenging games. Drink entertainment....Karaoke and SO much more ! There is a reason why the EDUCATED students at IUP converge at The Coney at night ! When it comes to the food...the professional accommodations...the fun...and the drink...the prices are ALWAYS right...the portions are FANTASTIC...the service is EXCEPTIONAL....and the memory of the CONSISTENCY will keep you coming back for more ! If you've not been here's time to see for yourself why we've survived as long as we have. We'll bend over backwards to make sure your visit is EVERYTHING you are looking for ! We look forward to adding YOU to our ecstatic list of REGULAR customers....and as always....we look forward to EXCEEDING your expectations !



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